HIV and STI Prevalence

"Although it is no longer a death sentence to be told one has HIV, I think people are still closeted about it and that people are not as involved in speaking as openly about it as they should."

Black focus group participant


HIV Prevalence

46% of participants are living with HIV

Average age first diagnosed with HIV: 26

Nearly all participants living with HIV (99%) are in care and on HIV medication

87% of participants living with HIV have an undetectable viral load (< 200 copies of HIV/mL of blood.)


96% Respondents who have heard of PrEP

35% HIV negative participants who use PrEP daily or almost daily

39% Respondents who have used PEP


"Thinking about [STIs] is scary. Not a lot of girls are educated on it. They know that some STIs can be treated, some can be cured, etc. But a lot of girls just don’t know much about the topic overall. Basic STI education, groups who go out to teach Latina LGBT community about it would be nice."

LATINX focus group participant

STI Prevalence

86% of participants were tested by study personnel for Hepatitis C and Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

12% of participants tested positive for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea

Testing was done using a 3-site test: oral, anal, and urine

13% Tested positive for Hepatitis C

Testing was done using a Rapid Antibody Test