articipants who have ever taken hormones or have had gender affirmation surgery tend to feel more genuine, authentic and comfortable about their gender identity and appearance; this is also known as Transgender congruence.

  • Average age participants began taking hormones for gender transition or affirmation: 25
  • Average age participants had their first surgery for gender transition or affirmation: 28
  • Participants currently taking hormones: 66%
  • Participants who would like to take hormones and have not yet done so: 17%
  • Participants who have undergone surgery for gender transition or affirmation: 20%
  • Participants who want surgery for gender affirmation: 67%
  • Participants who have injected substances other than hormones to change their bodies to match their gender identities (eg. Silicone or other substances): 24%

“When I started my transition, I would purchase hormones from close friends who had a health care provider that specialized in hormone therapy. I didn’t have much knowledge of gender affirming care or the correct dose for my body, I only followed the advice of other transwomen in my circle who I trusted. It wasn’t until I started seeing a health care professional that provided gender affirming care when I learned in detail the Pros and Cons to hormone therapy. A few years ago, I was advised to stop taking hormones for a while due to other health concerns, it was a precautionary measure that I would not have taken had I not been seeing a healthcare provider that offered gender affirming care at their establishment. “