A Guide to Transgender Women’s Sexual Health and Well-Being

Produced by T’Cher Nola (National HIV Behavioral Surveillance) and CrescentCare

The aim of this guide is to provide information to help transgender women of all ages advocate for their sexual health and well-being.

Tres Cher, Take Charge was produced by the T’Cher NOLA team at CrescentCare, in partnership with the T’Cher community advisory board made up of stakeholders and leaders from the New Orleans transgender community. T’Cher stands for “Trans Community Health Education and Research.” The name of our team, which is made up of researchers, social workers, and outreach specialists, plays on the French/Cajun word “Cher” meaning ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ and the notion of the bond of trust we have formed with the individuals who have kindly shared their stories with us, whose words and ideas provide the tapestry that holds this guide together.

Tres Cher, Take Charge aims to provide insight and information to transgender women of all ages so that they can better advocate for their sexual health and well-being. Drawing on extensive qualitative and survey research with transgender women and with medical and behavioral health care providers who work for transgender women in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, the guide aims to reflect the multi-faceted health challenges and needs faced by transgender women in our local region. It is meant to be a resource for transgender women as well as a resource for their families, friends, and partners.

The research that influenced the production of this guide, the findings of which are presented in the final section, was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of National HIV Behavioral Surveillance and by the Louisiana Office of Public Health STD/HIV/Hepatitis Program. The creation of the guide itself—the web design and photography—was made possible by a grant from the Louisiana Office of Public Health through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Thank you to our T'Cher Community

The transgender women and non-binary individuals whose photos and quotes are featured in this guide are all residents of New Orleans and they have brought a wealth of knowledge and passion to the project. Their contribution and support, along with that of the T’Cher community advisory board, have been invaluable to the development and completion of this guide.

We are grateful to them.


Coral Cruse


Ms. Karen Collins




Tamika Jones


Teah Smith


Teryl Lynn Foxx

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Tracy Quartermaine


Alessandra Lopez


Blayke D’Ambrosio


Jasmine Davis


La Karla Williams


Lesly Gooden


Lizzy Lobo


Malaysia Walker